May. 14th, 2013


May. 14th, 2013 08:18 am
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The Grunge Novel got its first rejection letter yesterday. (Well, rejection email.)

That's fine. Rejection is part of the process.

The bit that's depressing me is the reason for the rejection. The book alternates between teenagers starting a band in the early 90s, and the band reuniting in the present. And the editor felt teens wouldn't be interested in reading about old people.

Which is precisely my concern with the book. And I can't help feeling if I send it to any other YA publishers they'll say exactly the same thing. The only way to fix that is to write a completely different book.

Which I'm doing. But, after a breezy start, the new novel has hit a bad patch. I don't know what I'm doing, and I'm questioning whether its worth doing anyway. It's like I've been skipping along a sunny path, and suddenly I'm lost in a dark forest, it's raining, and I realised I forgot to pack toilet paper.

And my back pain flared up again last week, because I was writing in the State Library. I love writing in the State Library. I get more work done there in an hour that I do in two or three at home. But their desks are terrible for my back. So I've had to give up any hope of ever writing there again.

Moan grumble complain.

I know, I know: no one's making me do this. And there are people with much worse problems than these. I'm just venting. Yesterday knocks you down. Today you climb back back up and keep going. The alternative is lying in the mud feeling sorry for yourself.

A friend has offered to give the Grunge Novel to one of the editors at his publishers. That's something. Even if they turn it down, they might be interested in seeing the next thing I write.

Which means I better write it.

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A quick reminder that Pub Lunchage is happening this Saturday. I just booked the table, under my name, in the band room.

If you missed the details:
Comedy Festival is over. The Emerging Writers Festival is about to start. In the few spare weekends in between, we'd love to catch up with you all.
Usual deal: rock up if you can make it, no big deal if you can't.
Where: The Wesley Anne, 250 High St, Northcote.
When: 1:00pm-4:00pm, Saturday 18th May, 2013
Why: Because we love you. And we love food. It's like some sordid love triangle. But with dessert.


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