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We knew it was coming, but it still hit hard: Iain Banks has passed away. According to his wife, he died calmly and without pain.

I said everything I have to say about how important he was to me here, when he first announced he had cancer. But I'll reiterate: he wasn't just influential to me, he was definitional.

My condolences to his family and friends.

Meanwhile, in Australia, another refugee boat has sunk off Christmas Island, and Australian Customs and Border Protection have decided not to retrieve the bodies of up to 60 drowned refugees.

It is distressing, that the bodies have been left to float.

But what makes me angry is that that unseaworthy boat was the best option those refugees had. What makes me angry is that our government's policy that is supposedly meant to stop the boats is actually putting people on them. And what makes me furious is that the refugee policy for both major parties in the upcoming election is effectively "fuck off, we're full."

To quote the late Mr. Banks: "Fuck every cause that ends in murder and children crying."

The Culture is a utopia, of course; an unreachable ideal. But there is work we can do and wrongs we can fight, and I can think of no finer tribute to Banks and his work than to fight them.

Refuge Action Collective - Victoria
The Greens


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