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It's been a busy month or so. In lieu of a proper blog post, you're getting subheadings.

I was on four panels at Continuum 9. They all went really well, I think, including the one on cultural appropriation that I was most nervous about. I don't really remember much about what was said in my panels. The Plot 101 panel  started in one room, but it was too small, so we moved to a bigger room, then got kicked out of that one when the organisers needed it to set up for a speech, so we moved out and finished in the foyer. "It's a character journey," I quipped. "Beginning, middle and end."

I also won a free ticket to next year's Continuum, and am plotting panels.

Another production as part of MTC's Neon festival. 'By Their Own Hands' was a retelling of the Oedipus myth. Or more accurately: three retellings. Act one, the two actors invited the audience on to the stage, and told the myth as straight story-telling. Act two was a silent, visual retelling. Act three was just dialogue, the two actors standing at microphones and talking. It was fascinating to see the same story stripped down and retold different ways. But after embracing the audience in the first act, it felt distancing to be told to go sit back down in our seats.

Splendid Chaps is a podcast about Doctor Who by Ben McKenzie and John Richards. There were meant to be eleven episodes, one for each Doctor. But then they did all these side episodes, and then John Hurt happened, and now that plan has been abandoned. What's lovely about this podcast is that they record them in front of a live studio audience. I've been to several of them now, and hearing them talk so passionately about classic Who has finally inspired me to go back and watch some old episodes.

Some of the old episode are great. Some of them remind me why I decided not to rewatch them.

Joss Whedon's low budget indie version of the Shakespeare play. He shot it in two weeks while on a break from directing The Avengers, which has led to some peculiar cross-marketing: "Like superheroes and explosions! You've love a five hundred year old romantic comedy!"

It's fun, but slight. Oddly for Whedon, he never quite nails the emotional swerves. And the modern-dress, Californian bungalow setting is at odds with the play's obsession with maidenly virtue. Amy Acker is great, though.

My friend Alex Hammond has had his debut novel published by Penguin. It's called Blood Witness, and it's a crime/legal thriller set in Melbourne. There was a book launch last Tuesday at Readings, with Alan Brough interviewing Alex. I'm really excited for Alex: he's the hardest working writer I know, and it's fantastic to see his dedication pay off.

We've also been to Women of Letters, Melbourne Literary Salon, and I saw the Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures exhibition with my sister. I'm also way behind on blogging about my Project Read All the YA.

Right. Update over. Back to work, you lot.

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Continuum 9 starts tonight, Melbourne's speculative fiction and pop-culture convention.

I'm on four panels:
  • Reinventing the Fairytale - Friday 10 pm
  • Heroines of YA - Saturday 2 pm
  • Plot 101 - Sunday 11 am
  • Misappropriation - Monday 12 noon
Plus I'll be doing a reading on Saturday at 3:20 pm.

The full program is up here.

I was going to be so good for this convention. I was going to do all the research, and write it up as pithy yet informative blog posts. I was going to practice my reading and print out notes and just be awesomely prepared.

And it's not that that hasn't happened. It's just half-happened. I have a bunch of scattered notes, and a vague idea of what I'll read. But between work and EWF and life, nothing is quite as organised as it should be.

Oh well. Too late to do much about that now.

*breaks pencil*

(Yes. That's a BSG reference.)
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I received my timetable for my panels at Continuum. They are:

Saturday 11th June
11.30am, 30 mins
Spooky Music - A Brief History of Horror in Popular Music

Reading, 20 mins

Sunday 12th June
Beyond LoLCATS - Writing and the Internet

The Spooky Music presentation was meant to be a bit of lighthearted fun, ideally in a late night timeslot. Instead, it's ended up sandwiched between the Opening Ceremony and the Guest of Honour's speech.

I better start writing.

Aussiecon 4

Sep. 1st, 2010 09:34 pm
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Aussiecon 4 starts tomorrow. I'm taking part in 2 panels:

Things to do in Melbourne when you’re geek.
Some locals give you the low down on all the geeky things to love and do in Melbourne. Useful for visitors and may even give the locals a few interesting ideas.
Louise Angrilli, Emilly Mcleay, David Witteveen, John Richards
Thursday, 5pm, Room 204

I'll be talking about the history of Melbourne.

Book Launch: Macabre: journey through Australia’s Darkest fears by Angela Challis and Marty Young
Friday, 4pm, Room 203

I'll be reading an excerpt from the story I wrote with David Conyers, "Sweet as Decay".

Angelica and I will also be at the Nightmare Ball on Friday night.


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