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I seem to have a grudge against sleep this week. All Tomorrow's Parties last weekend. Einstürzende Neubauten on Tuesday night. And last night we were out until 4am at White Night Melbourne.

I am very tired and my feet are very sore. But we had a blast. The city was transformed last night, and it was magical.

White Night is an international network of all-night public arts festivals. It started in Paris in 2002, and I'll stop boring you now because you can read a history page as well as I can.

We got into town around 9:00 pm, and Swanston Street was packed. I suspect the organisers had no idea how popular it would be. People were saying the crowds were bigger than at New Years Eve. We bumped into our friend Sayraphim, who was running The Whispering Society, on the steps of the town hall. She had expected maybe 150-200 people to play the game over the course of the night. Instead, they had had over a thousand players.

We missed a few things we wanted to see because the queues were too long, or it was just to hard to move through the crowds. But overall it was fantastic night.

Long winded list of everything we saw. Or you can skip to video at the end. )

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Mostly for my own records, but: two new exhibitions opening in Melbourne soon.

First: Missing The Mark: The Melbourne Landmark Ideas Competition 1978

An exhibition of the entries for the Landmark Ideas Competition, which sought designs for the space that is now Federation Square. I'm not sure how we ended up with the current Fed Square when one of the rival designs was a GIANT DRAGON.

Old Treasury Building. On now, I believe.

Second: Crepuscular: The Wild Animals of Melbourne

An taxidermy exhibition exploring the creatures that live and have lived in Melbourne's twilight. Includes historical specimens from the Melbourne Museum's collection plus pieces from present day artists.

City Gallery, Melbourne Town Hall. Thursday 12 May until July 12.

(I've been using the word crepuscular a lot lately. So I have to go see this exhibition.)

Not an exhibition, but... Vignette Press are calling for submissions for the Geek Mook:
Following the success of The Death Mook and The Sex Mook, Geek Mook explores the worlds of hackers, gamers, steam punk fashionistas, trekkies, neo-punk trainspotters and obsessives of all the other fixations that give us a reason to stave off death

And finally, self-explanatory: VEGAN BLACK METAL CHEF:


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