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May. 6th, 2011 03:35 pm
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Anyone know a sys admin looking for work?

The Student Union is hiring.

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We use Lotus Notes at work. We're looking to move away from it. Mostly because a) management hate it and b) we can't afford to hire a new developer, should our current one leave.

Email and calendaring alternatives are easy.

But we also run a lot of Notes database applications, some of which are mission-critical. Unfortunately, I've been in this same environment for nearly a decade, and I don't have a good idea of the alternatives.

We need a platform we can build small but robust multi-user applications in - things like job tracking systems, membership sign-up forms, and equipment booking systems.

It needs to be:
  • cheap
  • quick to learn
  • easy to develop in
  • easy to maintain
  • web-enabled
  • secure enough to process credit card transactions, or store people's personal details
The university have suggested FileMaker Pro.

LAMP is another option, which obviously fits the cheap requirement. But how easy is it to build working applications? And how easy is it for complete strangers to maintain such apps, should the original programmer move on to greener pastures?

Maybe I need something like Ruby on Rails?

Any suggestions?

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Article in today's Age about the research station on Heron Island.

The research team there are part of a project examining the biodiversity of the Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef in WA. They've just release some initial results which include the discovery of hundreds of new species.

Article here. Multimedia content (video and slideshows) here, which do a very nice job of showing off Heron Island.

When I was in Primary School, I wanted to be a marine biologist. My mother actually told a story last weekend, about how I came home from the library with a book on marine biology and read it within a few hours. He didn't really read it, she thought. He just looked at the pictures. So she quizzed me on it, and I answered every question.

Somewhere along the way I chose robots over reefs, and ended up in IT. It's not that I regret my choice. But I've been thinking about it a lot, ever since we got back from Heron Island.

Guess I'll just have to be an enthusiastic amatuer.

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Work still insists on asking me to write items for the staff newsletter. And so I keep writing things like this:


Scientists at Bath University in the UK recently demonstrated a self-replicating machine – a robot capable of making a perfect copy of itself. (see

It’s one small step from this to swarms of robotic killing machines laying waste to the Earth, enslaving humanity and turning us into (literal) battery farms a la The Matrix.

Helping IT Services in their battle against such computer-mediated doom is our new Server and Network Administrator, M------ D------. He started work here on August the 18th, and he’s fitting in nicely.

A Server and Network Administrator looks after all the “background” parts of our computer systems – the networking equipment and the mysterious boxes locked away in our server room.

But M------- will also be doing plenty of desktop computer support as well. So say hello when you see him. And thank him for his small part in staving off the techno-apocalypse.

David Witteveen,
IT Manager.
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Life drawing class. The model was an old bearded hippy who grinned and blathered about dropping acid tabs and doing tai chi. One of the other drawers there was an ex-Mormon named Wednesday.

This afternoon:
70th Birthday party for the Rowden White Library, my favourite library in the world. Champagne. Sushi. Librarians dressed respectively as a femme fatale, an Arthurian princess, and an anime school girl.

Like they say on the Discovery Channel:

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Doing a budget?

It's basically the same thing as character generation.

(Your bottom line is your Hit Points)
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So. A month in to the role. Still not Dictator Of The World yet.

Have managed to hire a new minion, though.

I mean Server Administrator. Server Administrator. Can’t call them minions anymore. The union gets upset. He’s starting on August 11th.

This towering victory is somewhat offset by our programmer taking a month’s leave. She’s off to compete at an international roller derby tournament in Las Vegas, followed by travel in London, Berlin and Malaysia.

Note to HR: can I hire some flying monkeys to fill in?

Other progress in IT’s Plans To Rule The World: have created a new staff Intranet. Because it’s based in Lotus Notes, it will be easier for each department to maintain their own forms and documents. (Also, subliminal messages embedded into each page allow IT to create an army of hypnozombies.)

Right. I have to go do a budget reforecast.

No one told me Evil Overlords have to do budgets.


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