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I've injured my knee. Nothing major, but it's meant I'm off karate for the week.

Not thrilled abut it. I've got a grading in a few weeks. And since we'll be in Sydney for the weekend, I'm already missing classes.

Oh well. Chin up.

Friday after work, I bought the bass guitar I meant to buy before being seduced by the peacock blue acoustic. Then I got lug said bass and its massive rectangular hard case up three flights of stairs to the Order of Melbourne bar for a workmate's farewell drinks.

Nice bar, that, if outrageously expensive. They hold Red Door Burlesque there, and we really should get along one day.

The glorious daylight hours of Saturday were spent huddled over my MacBook Pro, trying to convince GarageBand to record my guitar playing as something other than muddy noise.

Sunday was more hunching over the MacBook. Managed to record five songs, although they're all rougher than barbed-wire toilet paper.

And when GarageBand exports them to MP3s, they all come out really really quiet. So I've got to go learn some audio engineering skills to figure that one out.

(I've tried Google. All the pages say "It's really complicated and difficult and very much case-by-case. Go read some articles on audio engineering.")

You can hear one of my really really quiet songs up here:
(Listen at own risk).

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I blame you lot for this.

What did I tell you on Monday? Don't let David out by himself.

Did you listen? No.

Well then. You'll just have to live with the consequences:

Fender Precision bass, 2nd hand, purchased 5:58 pm, Friday 26th September.

oh yeah, I play the bass/the bass plays me/the four-stringed, thick-bellied electrified monster, you know, the one that eats all other noises alive
and I've gone walking down these four strings most every hour of every day, of every year and every busted heartbeat, just trying to get along to where the last riff kisses the dark/the subsonic groove, we call it dub culture/midnight's vibration

- Jeff Noon, Needle In The Groove


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