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NIN pasteup outside Festival Hall
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Leaving his record company seems to agree with Trent Reznor. He's just released the latest NIN album online.

It's called Ghosts I-IV.

It's 36 tracks, all instrumental. You can listen to a stream of it from the website. You can download it for $5. CDs will be in stores in April. Or you can BitTorrent it legally, since he's releasing it under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

I'm going to wait a day or two before I download it, since the website is being hammered by fans at the moment.

Listening to the streaming audio, some of it sounds like the instrumentals of Still, and some of it sounds like backing tracks off Year Zero. It's not the greatest music NIN have ever produced, but it's solid listening.
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The Herald-Sun website has a cool interview with Trent Reznor.

The bad gig gets mentioned (they say Monday, but they obviously mean Sunday), and there's some funny stuff where he abuses his record company for ripping off his fans.
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This is how it started: in a dark alley that smelt like urine, huddled together with a crowd beneath rusted pipes and metal stairwells.

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They were good. Very good.

But... something was missing.

The Rod Laver Arena is big. Actually, it looked quite small when we came in. But then it filled up with people and suddenly seemed huge.

We were in the back half of the General Admission section, right by the barrier. I could see the band, but not the fine details.

NIN came on at about 9:15 and played for about 2 hours. Trent's arms are fucking HUGE. And he's shaved off all the pretty-boy hair, making him look like a meathead.

They played a wide mix of songs. Four or five off Pretty Hate Machine, including "Something I Can Never Have". "Gave Up", "Wish" and "Suck" off Broken. "Closer" and "Starfuckers", which I could have done without. I was hoping for "Every Day Is Exactly The Same", which they didn't play. But they did play "Burn" and "Dead Souls", which was unexpected. Also "Reptile". "Hurt" was great. And I was surprised at the huge cheers that erupted at "The Frail". I mean, I like the track. It just doesn't strike me as the sort of track that would send a stadium wild.

I haven't been able to find a complete setlist. Anyone?

One of my friends commented that Reznor had a lot of energy, but not much stage presence. Maybe it was just because the venue was so huge. Maybe it just because we were so far back and couldn't see the band sweating. But there wasn't a sense of connection between the band and the audience.

I saw NIN play the Big Day Out in 2000 from the mosh pit. And that was better. Maybe just because I was close enough to really see the band, and feel their energy.

But it's not like I'm complaining. It was a great concert. It just lacked that sense of connection.


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