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Friday Night:
VNV Nation rocked the house.

Let's be honest: the last few VNV albums have been a bit samey, and their lyrics try a little too hard to be profound, and so come off sounding a bit wet.

But live, that doesn't matter. There's no hand to forehead angst, no cooler-than-thou prentention. They're just here to throw a celebration. And they throw it beautifully. I had a grading the next morning, so I was going to be fairly restrained at the concert. I think that lasted three songs. Then I said fuck it, and danced.

Special nod to Angel Theory, who are the only local support who can get people dancing.

Saturday Morning:
My karate grading for yellow belt.

Got woken up at 8am by a courier delivering a present to A. from her art friends kozyndan. Managed to get a bit more sleep before heading down to the dojo.

i was worried that I'd be tired out for the grading, but I felt fine. The grading was a blast. A bit smaller than previous ones, so not quite as much cheering going on. But [profile] andricongirl and my family came down to watch, which meant a lot to me.

Everyone passed with flying colours. And at the end, when we were all receiving our new belts, I may have had some VNV lyrics running through my head.

I have never felt so proud as I do now.
It's like the Sun is placed behind me,
Feelings that matter never end

(Ok, VNV didn't actually play Procession. But you get the idea.)

Saturday Afternoon:
Lunch at the pub with my fellow students. Home for a nap, interrupted by the Fire Brigade visiting the block of flats next door.

Then out to the Empress for dinner and Simon's birthday party. Had a fun conversation with a poet/designer/magazine editor and his Latvian friend who did Peter Sellers impersonations.

Was going to go into town. Wrote a standup comedy routine instead, then spent several hours playing my guitar and singing loudly out of tune.

Made roast sweet potatoes with fried kidney beans and homemade salsa for dinner. It was delicious

S. Komatsu

May. 23rd, 2007 10:52 pm
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Had dinner tonight with the charming [personal profile] ms_kismet  at S. Komatsu, a Japanese fine cuisine restaurant that's also completely gluten and lactose free.

Oh tempura, how I have missed thee.

The interior is very modern - brushed steel, vast mirrors, black leather seats. Downstairs is the casual bistro. Upstairs, which we had to ourselves, is the fine Japanese cuisine,.

We opted for the Royal menu, mostly because it had the tempura (they use a rice batter, with a bit of starch). The food was exquisite - dainty little servings, but just divine. I'll confess I let [personal profile] ms_kismet do most of the talking, because I was too busy experiencing the subtle flavours melt across my palate. If I had one criticism, it was that the grilled fish of the "Fire" course was overcooked, and lacked the delicacy of the earlier fish dishes. But other than that... beautiful.

There was a lot of cheese, which is not something I associate with Japanese cooking. I haven't eaten real cheese since I found out I was lactose intolerant. But they use a hard cheese, in which the lactose has all broken down. Because I'm not used to it, it did slightly dominate the other flavours.

And I had a glass of chilled sake to round it off. The owner said they had two sakes: a simple one, and the other little bit complex. Which I took as a challenge and ordered the complex one. It was very clean and crisp -- not exactly dry, but not sweet like some sakes either.

Beautiful food. Charming company. A very pleasant evening.

(Okay, okay -- we could have done without the classical guitar version of Lionel Ritchie's "Hello". But even that gave us something to laugh about.)


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